Continuing with the cyber harassment, cyber stalking, and severe racism and stereotyping from End Race Based Law  we have decided to expose the dark side of ERBL, and show the world equality is the last thing on the agenda there.

For the last year Michele Tittler and her counterpart Gerry Gagnon of End Race Based Law, has continually harassed people on Facebook and other social sites who do not agree with their hate speech. Most of which we will be documenting here as well as on our website.

While maintaining to her followers that she is the victim of cyber attack she has continually harassed people to the point of retaliation. She has a very extreme racism issue toward the First Nations of Canada, and has attacked them in the most disgusting ways online.

Although she had been warned to clean up her Facebook page, people have copied her speech and allowed it to survive. Yes, we have ‘allowed’ it for the purpose of showing everyone who the real “Michele Tittler” of End Race Based Law is.

Don’t forget to visit our site

Expose Hate Speech


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